Vision Integrity Saves Heritage Park’s Steam Trains!

Heritage Park is Calgary’s famous Historic Village, and if you have ever visited the park, you are likely more than familiar with their trains that tour around the grounds. The locomotives to this day are powered by steam, just as they were back in their heyday.

Although used for entertainment purposes now, these locomotives still fall under ABSA regulation. Heritage Park’s Chief Engineer reached out to Vision for help navigating these regulations, while ensuring Heritage Park did not have to operate without their famous trains for the summer season.

Vision’s task was to create a program of inspections and records that was acceptable to ABSA and Heritage Park. This has meant navigating a lot of old paperwork and digitizing these old records into an online system that can be referred to in the future.

Every boiler Inspector grows up wanting to play with steam trains, for our inspectors it’s been a dream come true, they even let us blow the whistle!

Heritage Park Steam Train Fun Facts

Besides the two locomotives HP also has two other historical steam boilers, a Case traction engine and a Waterous steam roller.

HP also has a steam powered railway crane that saw active service until the 1950’s. It was restored in 2010 but the boiler had to be replaced with a modern design.

The extra-large steam locomotive parked in front of HP had its boiler destroyed by a poorly thought our acid cleaning. Sadly, it is now on display at the park entrance.

HP is open daily from the May long weekend until the Thanksgiving weekend.